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Sundarbans National Park - The Turf Of Mangrove Tigers

Sunderbans Experience
The Sunderbans National park is home to more than 250 Bengal tigers. The Tigers have accommodated themselves very well to the saline and aqua environs and are extremely good swimmers. As you enter the adventuresome wild land of the Sunderbans you’ll be excited to see the chital deer and rhesus monkey. The aqua fauna of Sunderbans includes a variety of fishes, red fiddler crabs and hermit crabs.
There are crocodiles, which can be often noticed along the mud banks. Sunderbans National Park is also regarded for its protection of the Ridley Sea Turtle. There is an unimaginable variety of reptiles also found in Sundarbans, which includes king cobra, rock python, and water monitor. The endangered river Terrapin, Batagur baska is found on the Mechua Beach, while the Barking Deer is found only in Holiday Island in Sunderbans.
The Hotel in Sunderbans- The Mangrove Whistler
The cottage Mangrove Whistler is a very lovely villa with airy rooms and a living room. The cottage can house 4 people in two rooms and there is ample space for extra beds for family and friends.


Day 01: Kolkata-Sunderbans National Park

Meals: lunch, dinner and tea service
When you arrive in Kolkata in the morning you are met and transferred by a comfortable vehicle to the jetty at Sonakhali. The 2½ hour drive takes through the lush-green rural Bengal landscape, dotted with its picturesque villages and quaint markets. Our personal boat, the M.B. Sundari awaits you here. You cruise down the rivers Hogol, Gomor, Durgaduani, Bidya and the Gumdi. As you sip tea or coffee, our resident naturalist explains the many mysteries of the Sunderbans. On this stretch alone you can see six different types of Kingfishers! A couple of pleasant hours later you arrive at the Sunderbans Jungle Camp on the Island of Bali. Here a sumptuous lunch awaits you and after a short rest in the well-appointed cottages, we take you down to Sajnekhali, to see the Mangrove Interpretation Center and return via the Sudhyanakhali watchtower. You can either dine aboard the boat or at the resort.
Day 02: Sunderbans National Park
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea service
This day we take you on a full day cruise. We leave just after breakfast and head towards the canopied walk at Dobanki. We then proceed to the furthest point-Netidhopani, where you can see age-old excavations and view game from the watchtower. If you are lucky you can spot the famous swimming tigers of Sunderbans. We keep a sharp watch for basking Estuarine Crocodiles and the elusive Irrawaddy Dolphins. Lunch is on board and we return late in the evening after watching the spectacular sunset.
Day 03: Sunderbans National Park-Kolkata
Meals: breakfast, lunch and tea services
We take you on a tour of the island village of Bali, where you can watch local residents conducting their everyday chores – fishing, weaving, and boat-making. A short cruise in country boats along the narrow canals completes the Sunderbans experience. After lunch, we transfer you back to Kolkata.
The Package includes accommodation on full board, a park guide, national park entry fee, to & fro transfers from Kolkata, all cruises, excursions.
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