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Sundarbans National Park - The Turf Of Mangrove Tigers

In the land of Mangrove tigers, Goddess Bonobibi is seen as the guardian spirit protecting the residents of Sundarbans. Honey-collectors and woodcutters of both Hindu and Muslim communities pay homage to the goddess for protection from man-eaters before entering the forest. The name Bonobibi means the lady of the forest. The legend goes by describing her as the daughter of a Sufi saint who sent by the god almighty to end the tyranny of Dokkhin Ray, the zamindar who takes the form of a tiger to prey on the inhabitants.

 15 Oct 2018 

Probably the first sighting of the very rare albino/leucistic kingfisher in The Sunderbans National Park Region

 24 Sep 2018 



Mudskipper is a fish belonging to the Goby family. Unlike other fishes, it can survive on the ground during low tide. It breathes using the gills, mucous membranes of the throat and mouth and dense capillary network in the skin.

Sunderbans August 27th 


The recent development towards the establishment of a cross-border power plant in the kissing distance of Sundarbans has put the entire ecosystem at risk. The activists argue that the plant would discharge thousands of tons of toxic waste and polluted water into the bay and would lead to the destruction of the already vulnerable ecosystem of this mangrove delta.

06 Aug 2018


The more you unfold this mystic forest, the more you will understand how the animals, birds, people, and nature are deeply connected with each other.

16 July 2018


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